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 Defence Success Stories

I IMPAIRED DRIVING – DUI. Laura went through a red light and crashed into a car. At trial, all the evidence against Laura was excluded because her Charter rights were violated. Laura was found not guilty of the over 80 and impaired driving….Read More accordion_icon_plus

S SEXUAL ASSAULT. Ben was found not guilty of all charges after a two week trial in the Superior Court. Based on the cross-examination of the complainant, the judge found that her story was implausible….Read More accordion_icon_plus

D DRUG DEFENCE. Confidential informants reported that Roman was dealing drugs from a house. The police executed a search warrant and seized a large amount of drugs and cash. Roman faced a long penitentiary sentence. He was found not guilty of all charges by the Superior Court….Read More accordion_icon_plus

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Ottawa Criminal Lawyer

Have you been charged with a criminal offence? McGarry Law is a proud provider of exceptional representation for all criminal charges, including DUI and impaired driving.

It is important to have the best Ottawa criminal lawyer on your case. It can make all of the difference. When you want a lawyer that knows the courts in Ottawa and understands the law, trust McGarry Law. We make criminal law our priority. We are well prepared to handle even the most difficult of cases. You deserve the very best, and we will strive to deliver the best for every case that we handle. Our firm understands that when you are facing criminal charges, it can be an extremely stressful time. You may worry about losing your job, license, reputation, or freedom. It can be overwhelming and upsetting, but we can ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to legal representation.

Regardless of guilt or innocence, we can help you today. We have experience in the following types of criminal cases:
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerAssault and Violent Crimes
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerBail Hearings
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerDUI and Impaired Driving
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerDomestic Violence
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerDrug Offences
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerFirearms Charges
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerFraud and Financial Crimes
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerInternet Crimes
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerYouth and Juvenile Offences
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerSex Offences

We will help you by:
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerTrying to get the accused person out of jail quickly. We typically meet with your loved ones in jail the same business day that we are hired and begin securing their release.
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerRepresent the accused person at all stages of the criminal process. Having the best representation can help to get the case dismissed at an early stage, to win the case at trial, or even to appeal the case.
Ottawa criminal defence lawyerNo matter the time of day, get real help from one of the best Ottawa Criminal Lawyers. Brett McGarry would be pleased to discuss your options and the best defences for your criminal charges with you.

Brett McGarry Criminal Law
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