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Ottawa Impaired Driving Lawyer

Ottawa Impaired Driving Lawyer

Charged with DUI, Over 80, “care and control”, or sample refusal in Ottawa?  Looking for a impaired driving lawyer? As one of the leading Ottawa DUI lawyers, Brett McGarry can help you fight and win your case.

Drunk driving cases are a  focus of Brett’s criminal defence practice. As an expert Ottawa DUI lawyer, he has a successful track-record of defending impaired driving charges in Ottawa and all across Ontario. He would be pleased to help you understand the best defences for your case.

Building a strong defence against Impaired Driving charges in Ottawa

As a leading drunk driving lawyer in Ottawa, Brett McGarry has the expertise to help you build a solid defence. After our initial consultation with you, we request and review the prosecution’s evidence. Everything from the notepad of the arresting officer to the technical specifications of the Intoxilyzer machine must be examined. We analyze your case from every possible angle .— If there is a defence we will find it. See our track-record for some of our recent wins at trials in Ottawa.

Where appropriate, we will hire toxicology experts and other specialists to challenge the police evidence. We will bring technical disclosure motions if it helps your case. If your testimony assists your defence, we will thoroughly prepare you to testify effectively.

Facing impaired driving charges can feel stressful and overwhelming. We take the time to answer your questions and remain in communication with you throughout the duration of your case.

If you are in need of a DUI or an Ottawa impaired driving lawyer, contact us today for your free consultation!

Impaired Driving Recent Wins

If you are looking for a good Ottawa Impaired Driving Lawyer and Ontario, it is important to know about some of the recent cases he has won.  Here are some  recent cases Brett  fought and won in Ottawa:

Ottawa impaired driving Lawyer down arrow Rachel’s Case – Acquitted of DUI Charges in Ottawa: Not Guilty of Impaired/Over 80

Ontario Impaired Driving Lawyer Henry’s Case – Free of Drunk Driving in Ottawa area: Not Guilty of Impaired/Over 80

Impaired Driving charges dismiss David’s Case – DUI and Impaired Driving Charges: Over 80 Charge Dismissed

Impaired driving lawyers Angela’s Case – Impaired Care and Control defence: Not Guilty of Care and Control

Impaired Driving Lawyer Ottawa Laura’s Case – Impaired Driving and Car Accident: Not Guilty of Impaired/Over 80

Ottawa Impaired Driving Taylor’s Case – Impaired Driving Charges in Ottawa: Not Guilty of Impaired/Over 80

Drinking and driving offences in Ontario are serious, and include:

Ottawa DUI Lawyer Impaired driving
impaired driving Lawyer in Ottawa Over 80 blood alcohol content driving
DUI Lawyer Ottawa DUI / DWI
Ottawa best impaired driving Refusing to provide a roadside screening device sample
impaired driving defence ottawa Refusing to comply with a breath demand (Breathalyzers / Intoxilyzers)
Ottawa DUI Lawyer Dangerous driving

These charges threaten your employment, ability to drive, and reputation. It is extremely important for you to hire the leading criminal lawyer for your case.

Impaired Driving FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions  about DUI & Impaired driving charges in Ottawa, Ontario

People who have been charged with drinking and driving offences usually have no previous experience with the criminal justice system.  They have many questions about potential penalties, defences, and the court process, including:

Ottawa criminal defence lawyer “Will I get a criminal record?”
Ottawa criminal defence lawyer “Will I lose my license if I am convicted?”
Ottawa criminal defence lawyer “How can I win my impaired driving case?”
Ottawa criminal defence lawyer “How can I find a leading impaired driving lawyer for my case?”

Impaired driving penalties in Ontario

The consequences of a drinking and driving conviction in Ottawa are severe:

Ottawa criminal defence lawyer A permanent criminal record.
Ottawa criminal defence lawyer A minimum 1-year driving prohibition.
Ottawa criminal defence lawyer A minimum fine of $1,000, plus a 20% surcharge on any fine.
Ottawa criminal defence lawyer Drastically increased car insurance premiums.
Ottawa criminal defence lawyer Difficulties with employment and international travel.
Ottawa criminal defence lawyer Mandatory jail sentences for repeat offenders.

Do not just plead guilty

Defending DUI & Impaired Driving charges can be technical and complex. There are many defences based on violations of Charter rights and technical requirements that you will not be aware of. If you plead guilty before consulting an experienced Ottawa DUI lawyer you may be giving up on a good defence.

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