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As soon as we receive a call from a person in custody or his family we move to ensure that a solid bail plan is ready by the time he is brought before the Court. We interview potential sureties, prepare them to testify effectively, and obtain necessary documents. A “surety” is someone who can supervise the accused upon his or her release on bail.

In some cases the accused’s release can be negotiated with the Crown without the need for a bail hearing. Otherwise, a contested bail hearing before a Justice of the Peace will be required. Brett McGarry has obtained bail for many people charged with serious crimes across Eastern Ontario. Brett can be reached 24 hours a day to help secure bail for your family member or friend.

Our Success Stories

M Mohamed was charged with attempted murder and drug offences. He was released after a bail hearing.

H Hamid was charged with possession of a prohibited handgun, uttering death threats, and cocaine trafficking. He was released after a bail hearing.

O Owen was charged with multiple counts of attempted murder. If he was denied bail he would have waited over one year in jail for his trial. He was released after a bail hearing.

S Sandra was charged with criminal organization offences. She was released after a bail review in the Superior Court.

M Michael was charged with possession of loaded prohibited handgun. He was released after bail hearing.

J Jake was charged with aggravated sexual assault. He was released after a bail hearing.

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