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Defending Sexual Assault Charges in Ottawa

A mere allegation of sexual assault can ruin your reputation. A conviction carries serious penalties, including substantial jail time, mandatory registration as a sexual offender, and a lifelong stigma.

Brett McGarry has a track-record of successfully defending serious sexual assault  charges in Ottawa and Ontario. Do not wait to get the guidance you need. If you are under investigation, contact Brett McGarry before speaking with the police. A successful defence requires an immediate investigation of the background of the case and the complainant.

Click here to read our FAQ on assault charges in Ontario.

Our Success Stories

B Ben was charged with sexually assaulting and forcibly confining the complainant over many hours. Ben was found not guilty of all charges after a two week trial in the Superior Court. Based on the cross-examination of the complainant, the judge found that her story was implausible.

D Donald was accused of a sexual assault from 30 years in the past. The sexual assault charge was withdrawn after Brett McGarry’s negotiations with the Crown.

G George was accused of sexually assaulting his step-child. The police decided not to charge George based on information provided by Brett McGarry, which revealed that a family law dispute gave rise to the false allegation.

R Robert was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and sexual interference against different alleged victims. He faced multiple mandatory minimum jail sentences if convicted. Brett McGarry negotiated a plea agreement to one count of simple assault. Robert received no jail time.

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