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Theft and Property offenses

Offences involving theft over $5,000, possession of stolen property, possession of property obtained by crime, VIN tampering, proceeds of crime, and other related offences demand a meticulous and detailed analysis of the evidence.

In many cases it is difficult for the Crown to prove that the property was in fact stolen, and if so, whether the accused knew the property was obtained by crime. Because the allegedly stolen property is frequently located on private property, such as a business, farm, or home, search warrants are often executed in the course of an investigation. The legality of the search must be carefully examined and challenged to ensure compliance with the Charter.

Our Success Stories

AAndre was charged with possessing over $100,000 of stolen construction, which was found on his farm when the police executed a search warrant. Brett McGarry found problems with the search warrant.  A plea agreement was negotiated where the client received a small fine and no jail time.

NNeil was charged with stealing thousands of dollars from a businessman. Brett McGarry investigated and discovered multiple police investigations of the businessman that had not been disclosed by the Crown. As a result, all charged were withdrawn by the Crown.

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