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Being charged with fraud or other white collar crimes in Ottawa is a serious matter. Both your reputation and liberty are at stake. Jail is a real possibility in cases involving a high level of organization or a breach of trust. New legislation has resulted in harsher sentences for financial crimes as well.

“Fraud” is broadly defined by the Criminal Code. Any dishonest conduct which deprives or risks depriving another person of any property, money, valuable security, or any service constitutes fraud.

Fraud & White Collar cases require a thorough and discrete approach

Financial crimes can range from minor frauds by an employee, to complex investment schemes, insurance frauds, mortgage scams, and tax evasion. Fraud and other commercial crime allegations often arise when employment or business relationships break-down. These criminal allegations can also surface during civil litigation and tax investigations.

It is important to obtain effective counsel at the earliest opportunity. Intervention by counsel at the outset can often avoid charges. If charges are laid, white collar crimes can difficult for the Crown to prove. The prosecutor will often rely on a complex paper trail and witnesses. At every turn, there may be opportunities to exclude evidence, or challenge the interpretation of the documents urged by the Crown. Fraud cases require a thorough and discrete approach. Brett McGarry would be pleased to discuss the best strategy for you case with you.

Our Success Stories

KKevin, a real estate professional, was charged with stealing from his employer’s trust account. Following an independent investigation from Brett McGarry and extensive discussions with the Crown, all charges were dropped before trial.

SSandra was charged with defrauding and stealing from her employer. As a manager in a position of trust, a conviction would have carried severe consequences. All charges were withdrawn before trial.

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