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Brett’s Track Record


Ottawa criminal lawyer I can say without hesitation that you have exceeded my expectations, both in time and in the first class service that you offered. Even if the outcome of my case was different to what I received my testimonial would be the same. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. You were superbly efficient and professional. Your foresight on all matters on my case was truly remarkable. I owe the success and victory of my case to your dedication and perseverance, which you showed throughout the time that you were handling my case. It goes without saying that I will always refer others to you. Once again, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Ottawa criminal lawyer

Client: Ottawa Client, Name Withheld
Charge: Over 80 and Impaired Driving
Conclusion: Not Guilty of All Charges

Ottawa criminal lawyer Brett made my unfortunate situation as pleasant and low-stress as it could possibly be. He negotiated with the crown to get the result I was hoping for very quickly and kept me up to date throughout the whole process. Not being my first time being charged with a criminal offence, I can truthfully say that he was the most friendly, organized and motivated defense lawyer that I have worked with so far. I will definitely refer anyone I know that is facing criminal charges to Brett and he’ll be the first person I will call if I ever run into problems of my own again in the future. Thanks. Ottawa criminal lawyer

Client: Ottawa Client, Name Withheld
Charge: Assault Causing Bodily Harm
Conclusion: All Charges Withdrawn Before Trial

Ottawa criminal lawyer I was charged with Care and Control, and over 80. I was sleeping in the driver’s seat of my car with the car turned on when I was suddenly arrested. I contacted Brett for a consultation and he assured me I had a good chance of beating the charges. Brett was professional and knew what he was doing in the courtroom. I am very thankful for his services and would highly recommend him, as he is very knowledgeable in this area of criminal law. Ottawa criminal lawyer

Client: Ottawa Client, Name Withheld
Charge: Over 80 and Impaired Care and Control
Conclusion: Not Guilty of All Charges

Ottawa criminal lawyer The greatest woe that can befall a new immigrant to Canada is to be slammed with a criminal charge (assault and mischief) on the eve of his being able to qualify for citizenship. And worst yet, potentially been unemployed because you can’t renew your security license or even find a job because you have a pending charges or worst still a criminal record. That was the predicament I find myself in the summer of 2012. Everything I had worked for came crashing before my eyes. The chances of bringing my family to Canada stand destroyed if found guilty. But thanks to one man–Brett McGarry. He attentively listen to my story, walked me through the process, worked assiduously to collect facts about my case, represented me in court at the initial hearings so that I did not miss a day of work. On the trial day, Brett skillfully and intelligently exposed all the lies of my accuser. The Crown threw away all the charges against me and instead, entered into a “peace bond” with me. The worst decision I made was to get in trouble. But the best decision I made was to call Brett McGarry. I will forever be grateful to Brett. Ottawa criminal lawyer

Client: Ottawa Client, Emmanuel (Last Name Withheld)
Charge: Domestic Assault and Mischief
Conclusion: Not Guilty of all Charges

Ottawa criminal lawyer Becoming involved in a court case at any age can be a terrifying event. Being as young as I am, I was worried about lawyers taking advantage of me and being unable to comprehend what was really taking place in the courts. Brett really simplified everything for me and was extremely accommodating with his methods of contacting me. Not only this, but he was genuinely friendly and patient, something many lawyers seem to lack. I received prompt updates on everything dealing with my case and was given options to make decisions. On top of all of this, Brett got all the charges against me dropped, despite the odds. All in all, he made a horrible experience much more bearable and made sure I got the outcome I wanted. Ottawa criminal lawyer

Client: Ottawa Client, Name Withheld
Charge: Fraud by an Employee
Conclusion: All Charges Withdrawn Before Trial

Ottawa criminal lawyer I was charged with one count of domestic assault. This was a very hard time for me as I lost my girlfriend and, if convicted, a criminal record and other severe consequences would have followed. I contacted Brett McGarry and scheduled a consultation for the following day. Brett was very calming and friendly, I immediately felt like my future was in the hands of a very strong minded professional. Brett knew how important it was to me as a young professional in my career to avoid a criminal record. During the entire court process I received prompt updates from Brett about any developments in my case, so that I could make informed and timely decisions to better my outcome. The end result was the absolute best I could have asked for. Brett stood by my side during the entire ordeal and had the charge dropped. I am extremely grateful to have had Brett McGarry represent me and I cannot thank him enough. Ottawa criminal lawyer

Client: L’Orignal Client, Name Withheld
Charge: Domestic Assault
Conclusion: Charges Dismissed

* These are some examples of Brett McGarry’s track-record. Past results do not guarantee success in future cases.

Success Stories

* All personal information has been edited to protect client privacy.

Owen: Attempted Murder and Arson
Owen was charged with 4 counts of attempted murder and arson endangering life, after a house burned down in the middle of the night. At the preliminary hearing, the prosecution’s arson expert admitted under cross-examination that his report was seriously flawed. The expert testified that he would no longer be satisfied to submit his report to a jury. Owen was found not guilty of all attempted murder and arson charges at the preliminary hearing.
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Laura: Impaired Driving and Over 80
Laura went through a red light and crashed into an oncoming car. At trial, all the evidence against Laura was excluded because her Charter rights were violated. Laura was found not guilty of the over 80 and impaired driving charges.
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Roman: Large-Scale Drug Trafficking
Confidential informants reported that Roman was dealing drugs from a house. A search warrant was executed. The police seized a large amount of drugs and cash. Roman was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. He was found not guilty of all charges.
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Angela: Impaired Care and Control
Angela was sleeping in the driver’s seat of her car. The police arrested her for impaired care and control of a motor vehicle. At trial, the judge ruled that the police had insufficient grounds to arrest Angela. She was acquitted of all charges.
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Henry: Impaired and Over 80
Henry failed a roadside breath-test. At trial, Brett McGarry established that the machine’s results were unreliable. Henry was found not guilty of all charges.
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Rachel: Impaired and Over 80
The police received a 911 call that an impaired driver was leaving a bar. The police followed Rachel’s car to her house. The police entered the house and arrested Rachel. At trial, the judge found that Rachel’s Charter rights were violated. Rachel was found not guilty of all charges.
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David: Impaired and Over 80
David’s sports car was pulled over as he left a pub. At trial, Brett McGarry established that the roadside breath machine was unreliable. David was found not guilty of all charges.
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Oliver: Domestic Assault
A woman Oliver was seeing discovered that he had another girlfriend. When the police showed up, the woman claimed that Oliver had broken down a door and kicked her. Oliver faced possible deportation from Canada and the loss of his job if convicted. At trial, Oliver was acquitted of all charges.
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Eduardo: Domestic Assault
Eduardo was charged with assaulting his girlfriend with a knife. Brett McGarry’s cross-examined the the alleged victim on affidavits from a family law case. Eduardo was acquitted of all charges.
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John: Domestic Assault
John’s girlfriend found pictures of other women on his cell phone. A verbal argument ensued. John’s girlfriend alleged that John choked, hit, and threatened her. The police took photos of bruising on her arm. John was adamant that his girlfriend attacked him in a jealous rage.
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Ben: Sexual Assault
Ben and the complainant had a short casual relationship. Years later, Ben was arrested for sexual assault and forcible confinement. Ben was found not guilty of all charges.
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Taylor: Not Guilty of Impaired/Over 80
Taylor rear-ended a car, causing a multi-vehicle collision. At trial, all the evidence against Taylor was thrown out because his Charter rights were violated. Taylor was found not guilty of over 80 and impaired driving.
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Jackson: Loaded Handgun
Jackson was an American trucker who was charged with possessing a loaded prohibited handgun, after crossing the border into Canada with the gun. The offence can carry a 3-year mandatory jail sentence. A criminal conviction would have barred Jackson from entering Canada and ruined his trucking career. Brett McGarry persuaded the judge to impose an absolute discharge. As a result, Jackson can still truck goods into Canada.
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  • Ashley: Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Trafficking
    Ashley’s car was stopped by the police. A large amount of marijuana was found, along with scales and an imitation firearm. Ashely was found not guilty of all charges after a trial.
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    Kevin: Cocaine and Marijuana Trafficking Conspiracy
    Kevin was charged with conspiracy to traffic in cocaine in marijuana, as well as criminal organization offences as part of a large drug project. Brett McGarry persuaded the prosecution to agree to a house-arrest sentence.
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    Kelly: Domestic Assault and Threats
    Kelly and his wife were getting divorced, but were still living together. There was a lot of tension in the house. Kelly’s wife went to the police alleging that he had hit and threatened to hurt her. Kelly denied the allegations. We gathered emails showing that his wife was jealous and motivated by financial gain. Kelly was found not guilty of all charges.
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    Antoine: Not Guilty of Drug Trafficking and Gun Charges
    Confidential informants told the police that Antoine was keeping drugs in a house. The police raided the house and found drugs, cash, and a loaded gun. The Crown wanted a long penitentiary sentence for possession of Fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking. We were confident that we could win at a trial. On the eve of the trial, the Crown offered a plea to simple possession of drugs. Antoine accepted the offer and received no jail time.
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    Sam: Sexual Assault Charge Dismissed
    Sam was charged with sexual assault after meeting a girl on an online dating site. We prepared a rigorously detailed, but respectful, cross-examination, to highlight the reliability issues concerning the complainant. After the preliminary hearing, the charges were withdrawn.
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    Wayne: Assault Causing Bodily Harm to a Police Officer
    A police officer stopped Wayne outside a bar late at night. Wayne tried to leave, but was taken to the ground by the police. The officer was injured in the process. The officer claimed that Wayne tried to punch him. We obtained video evidence that showed otherwise. All charges were dropped.
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