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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any non-consensual touching for a sexual purpose. The complainant’s credibility and reliability must be thoroughly challenged. Read more accordion_icon_plus

Domestic Assault

Family law disputes and break-downs in relationships are often intertwined with spousal assault allegations. We gather all the evidence needed to fully defend these charges. Read more accordion_icon_plus


A simple push to a fight causing severe injuries can result in assault charges. There are many defences to assault allegations. Read more accordion_icon_plus

DUI & Impaired Driving

A lawyer with a successful track-record is needed to find the complex defences that exist in these cases. Read more accordion_icon_plus

Bail Hearings

Getting a client released on bail is our first priority. We can be reached 24 hours a day to begin securing bail. Read more accordion_icon_plus

Criminal Investigations

Getting advice before you speak with the police will make your case easier to defend, and can avoid charges altogether. Read more accordion_icon_plus

Drug Offences

From simple possession to trafficking, drug charges can have severe consequences. Travel restrictions and new mandatory jail sentences can result from drug convictions. Read more accordion_icon_plus

Firearms and Weapons Offences

Many gun charges carry lengthy mandatory minimum jail sentences. Read more accordion_icon_plus

Fraud and White Collar Crime

Fraud and tax charges can result from errors in judgment, or business and investment relationships which have fallen apart. A painstaking defence is required. Read more accordion_icon_plus

Theft and Property Offences

Theft over $5,000, possession of stolen property, and proceeds of crime charges demand a meticulous analysis. Read more accordion_icon_plus


Convictions and sentences at trial can be challenged in appeal courts. Read more accordion_icon_plus

All Other Offences

We defend all criminal and regulatory charges in Ontario. Read more accordion_icon_plus

Some Case Results

Kelly: Domestic Assault and Threats
Kelly and his wife were getting divorced, but were still living together. There was a lot of tension in the house. Kelly’s wife went to the police alleging that he had hit and threatened to hurt her. Kelly denied the allegations. We gathered emails showing that his wife was jealous and motivated by financial gain. Kelly was found not guilty of all charges.
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Antoine: Not Guilty of Drug Trafficking and Gun Charges
Confidential informants told the police that Antoine was keeping drugs in a house. The police raided the house and found drugs, cash, and a loaded gun. The Crown wanted a long penitentiary sentence for possession of Fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking. We were confident that we could win at a trial. On the eve of the trial, the Crown offered a plea to simple possession of drugs. Antoine accepted the offer and received no jail time.
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Sam: Sexual Assault Charge Dismissed
Sam was charged with sexual assault after meeting a girl on an online dating site. We prepared a rigorously detailed, but respectful, cross-examination, to highlight the reliability issues concerning the complainant. After the preliminary hearing, the charges were withdrawn.
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Wayne: Assault Causing Bodily Harm to a Police Officer
A police officer stopped Wayne outside a bar late at night. Wayne tried to leave, but was taken to the ground by the police. The officer was injured in the process. The officer claimed that Wayne tried to punch him. We obtained video evidence that showed otherwise. All charges were dropped.
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